Sunday, January 24, 2021

Are You Ready to Resolve Conflict?

 Are you ready to resolve conflict in your life? 


Many of us may want to resolve a current conflict in our life, but we must be ready to work towards an actual agreement and forgiveness. Ask yourself the following questions to see where you are in your journey to resolving this conflict: 


  1. Do you want to work towards a solution? 
  2. Are you ready to hear the other person’s experience of the situation? 
  3. What does forgiveness look like in this situation to you? 
  4. Are you ok with not hearing the specific words you want to hear? 
  5. Can you take partial responsibility for the current conflict and for working towards a resolution? 

These are tough questions to ask oneself. If you are truly ready to work towards an agreement and repair the relationship, you must answer them truthfully. Wanting to find a resolution and being ready to take a step towards resolution are two different things. Answering these questions are essential in your personal journey towards resolving this conflict and future conflict. 






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