Sunday, May 16, 2021

Generations Before You

 Generations Before You

How do you handle conflict? How do you want your children to handle conflict? Conflict resolution skills lead to resilience. Many parents I speak to say they want their children to be able to resolve conflict. They want their children to have the skills necessary to handle a difficult encounter. These skills are traits leaders and successful individuals exhibit. These traits help a child or adult navigate life. How you handle conflict maybe learned from your parents. Where did they learn to handle conflict? The short answer is from their parents or guardians. Behaviors are learned. One generation teaches the next generation. How we speak to others can also be something we are emulating from our childhood. What did you see? Respect, courtesy, an acceptance of different opinions? Or did you see fighting, yelling, an "It's my way or highway" attitude. You can change the narrative. You can learn conflict resolution skills to show your children how to handle difficult situations. You can learn how to have fruitful conversations even when opinions differ. Inevitably, your child will have a disagreement with you, a sibling, or a friend. How do you want your child to handle that situation? 

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